Guinea Pig Fun

Jiggly Puff ~ Morumoto
​(30 pieces; 224 KB file)

Mardi Gras! ~ Jenn Daviat
​(99 pieces; 256 KB file)

The Great Guinea Pig Race by Musearts

These four jigsaw puzzles feature some of the artwork found in the Drawings of Artists' Gallery. Please click the link directly below a drawing to download a puzzle. When prompted, choose either "run" to play or "save to your hard drive" and open the file to play the puzzle. WINDOWS-ONLY file format.

and some are harder to find

Some changes are easy to spot ...


Looking for a challenging puzzle? Here is a puzzle for you to solve that is based on a drawing by Ward Takamiya. Find what is different or missing in the drawing on the far right. There are 25 items that have been changed or removed from the original drawing. The puzzle solution may be found by clicking on the drawing on the right. Enjoy!

E-PUZZLES & Board game

Sweet Dreams ~ Melody
​(12 pieces; 212 KB file)