Guinea Pig Fun

a guinea pig 

Oh to be a guinea pig ... 

If you're a guinea pig you don't have to think, 
And in the heat your ears turn pink. 
You can run in the grass and fill your tummy, 
Chortle and chunter as if everything's funny. 

Sleep in the sun, sleep in the shade 
After in your run you have played. 
When it is cold you can curl up in the hay, 
And if you like you can stay there all day. 

You could go exploring on the floor, 
Have a rest then explore some more. 
When it is night time you don't have to sleep, 
That for the day you could keep. 

​Yes, being a guinea pig would be fun, 
But alas, a guinea pig - I am not one. 

Poem and Photo by Catherine


Oh my Claire you pig,
It looks like you are wearing a wig!
You love to run around and play,
Just make sure you don't run away!
You love to sit and eat that hay,
Just remember to eat it in May!
You was such a cute pet,
I knew it was you when we met.

Poem and Photo by Cassie

my new beginning

I once had 2 piggies,
Named Caramel and Lily,
Who waddled + squeaked,
And just acted plain silly. 

Despite staying put
Each day in their cage,
They brought joy to my life
Until 8 years of age. 

Lettuce, carrot,
Spring onion and grass
Despite gobbling all,
Their hunger would last.
When babies, they’d jump,
​When adults, they’d lay,
No matter what action,
They’d brighten my day.     

One rustle of a bag
Made squeak-volume so great,
I’d turn into their slave
Until after they ate. 

​But after a while
The volume was lower,
As my piggies’ pace,
Got slower and slower. 

My babies were old,
And couldn’t jump any more,
No more did they squeak,
When I opened the door. 

And soon did arrive,
​that cold, dismal day,
When my Lily and Caramel
Passed away. 

I can never forget,
Their cute little ways,
Which started my eternal
Guinea pig phase.

No matter what color,
No matter how big,
No pet is more lovable,
Than a guinea pig. 

Poem and Photo by Nikki

ode to cricket

There's so much about you that I need to say,
like how hearing your wheeking just brightens my day.

For you've given me something I cannot explain
Yet it's louder than thunder, as wide as a plain.

Such wealth as to rival the richest of kings,
It is better, because all they had were mere things.

If gold were to cover the land and the sea,
It'd be worthless compared to the treasure I see.

Like ten thousand times the most fabulous prize,
the love that is shining so bright in your eyes.

I know that you love me, And I know this much is true
I don't know if I deserve a guinea pig like you.
Poem by Joanne, Photo by Kathy

guinea pigs

Great for snuggling
Unbelievably cute!
Nice going
Earns a "best pet" award

Perfect for young children and up!
Great for indoors or outdoors!
Squeakably Nice!

Poem and Painting by Melody

poetry 2 - Updated 4/18/2019

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