Guinea Pig Fun

Merry's Slip slidin' Away

Merry's Carrot Games

Thea's Elf

Merry's Knock, Knock: Spicy and Strawberry 

Karial's Jumping Pigs

Karial's Bucking Broncos

Merry's Game Time

Alix's Sleepytime Games

Thea's Halloween Games


Below are some  of the animations that were created by some talented people. Alix had lots of fun creating animations including her Sleepytime Games animation shown below. Like ALix, Merry loves art so she too made some colorful animations including The Carrot Snatcher featuring Guinea Pig Fun's Max, Gypsy, and Pippi. Thea Paar, a German artist, created the Halloween Fun animation and also the animation featuring the fairy. Karial created numerous animations and graphics and two are featured below: Bucking Bronco and Jump Rope. Lots of fun!