Divided (operation recovery )

some cages used at guinea pig fun over the years

what not to do - Examples


Unsecured Cage

Parakeet Cage & Ladder

Filthy Small Cage

Bird Cage & Exercise Wheel

Wire-Grid Floor

Not Cat-Proof - No Top

Rabbit and Guinea Pigs


cages 1

When setting up a home for your pet guinea pigs make sure that it is the largest that you can make or buy. Some guinea pigs love to popcorn and some love to run laps while some just need more personal space when housed with other guinea pigs. Larger habitats provide ample room for exercise and a better life style which will greatly enhance the health and welfare of your pet. The Guinea Pig Cages' website by Cavy Spirit provides information about housing along with instructions on how-to make your own cage. Plus, there are lots of photos of cages created by guinea pig lovers. 

 Guinea Pig Fun