Guinea Pig Fun


1. Where's my treat?          2. Caplin cooling off in his swimming pool.          3. Hello Pineapple with Capycoppies

4. Caplin with Neptune ... photo shoot for Animal Planet's "Most Outrageous Odd Looking Pets"          5. Caplin's book ... check it out!

Caplin Rous a Pet Cabybara

Who and what is Caplin Rous? In case you haven't heard by now, "Rous, pronounced rose, stands for Rodent of Unusual Size. Being a capybara, I am larger than my guinea pig relatives and beautiful as a flower. Texas is my home state and I hope I live here till the day I die. A pet capybara's life is a life of ease. I spend most of my time sleeping, eating, and swimming (got to keep my strong athletic figure). Sometimes I get to go out to lunch or run errands with my humans. It is quite fun. Everyone admires my good looks and gives me scratches and treats." Want to learn more about Capy? Click on any of the photos below to visit his website. Caplin and Gari may also be seen on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Enjoy! [UPDATE: Caplin got quite sick with a neurological problem and died of a seizure on 1-4-2011 during a MRI.]