1. Five weeks old         2. Featured on Cute Overload          3. Inside on snowy day

4. Taking a nap          5. Wearing a Mickey Mouse hat          6. Outdoor bath tub

dobby a Pet Cabybara

Meet Caplin Rous' younger brother! "Dobby is a teenaged capybara born on Valentine's Day in Texas. He flew across the country (in an airplane, of course) and lives mostly outdoors. During colder weather he is allowed indoors with the guinea pigs, a gerbil, a cockatiel, and two parakeets. He plays outside in the yard with two rabbits, some silly ducks and doves, a couple geese, and a bunch of fussy hens. He ignores the turtle." Want to learn more about Dobby? Click on any of the photos below to visit his blog. Dobby may also be seen on You Tube and Facebook. Enjoy!

 Guinea Pig Fun