Guinea Pig Fun

Some of the guinea pigs at GPF who have benefited from donations: Ashley (arrived pregnant), Emma Lou (UTI/teeth), Pikachu (had ringworm/from shelter), Precious (had mites/seizure),and  Skipperdoo (had ringworm/shelter).

Please contact GPF if you are interested in sponsoring or adopting any of the guinea pigs currently at the sanctuary.

DONATE: The cost of caring for the various pigs at Guinea Pig Fun and the cost of running the website and photo albums is expensive. The guinea pigs are always in need of pellets and hay and monetary gift donations for the care of the guinea pigs and any vet bills incurred. Any donation is greatly appreciated! 


SPONSOR: Prefer to sponsor a sanctuary pig instead of making a donation? The rescued guinea pigs pictured below would all love a "virtual" caretaker. You provide some money and choose the pig that you wish to "adopt" and GPF keeps and cares for the pig. Click here for the contact information for Guinea Pig Fun.

PHOTO BOOK ~ This Book is no longer available. This book contains some of the fun photos that have been featured on the Guinea Pig Fun website. The proceeds from the sale of this book goes toward the care of the rescued guinea pigs at Guinea Pig Fun. Enjoy!

Click button to make a donation to Guinea Pig Fun or contact GPF for an alternative method of donating (see the About Us page). Thank you!

donating and sponsoring

Guinea Pig Fun is a small one-person rescue that focuses on the Care, Education, Fun, Health, and Rescue of guinea pigs. The purpose of Guinea Pig Fun is "To demonstrate, through education, example, and rescue, the proper care of pet guinea pigs to ensure that they live a life free of neglect and abuse. The focus is also on the lighter side of caring for the guinea pigs so that caretakers may see them as an asset and fun companion rather than as a burden or throwaway pet". Guinea Pig Fun is not currently a registered 503(c)(3) non-profit although at one point it was a project of Congressional District Programs, Inc. – a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Unfortunately the National Heritage Foundation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in federal court thus ending any registered non-profit status for all of its projects. Guinea Pig Fun being one of them. However, Guinea Pig Fun welcomes and needs donations to provide food, bedding, laundry costs, and vet care for the guinea pigs in the rescue. In addition, it helps cover the expenses of running the educational website. The only difference between donating to a registered 503(c)(3) vs. gifting money or supplies to a non-registered non-profit is that you will not be able to claim the gifted money/donation on your tax returns. Please click on the DONATE button below to donate or click on the "Guinea Pig Fun" book image to purchase the book. Thank you.