Guinea Pig Fun

merry's draWING Process

First, I make a sketch of the piggy with pencil, to get the basic shape and position of everything. Next, I erase it enough so that I can still see the lines, but they won't be obvious when I color in the finished piggie. Then, I go over it carefully with a pen. I use a black PILOT G-2 05 or 07. They make nice, smooth, even lines and work great for filling up spaces like the eyes, especially the 07. After the ink dries, I can easily erase any pencil that is still showing. Finally, I fill everything in with a regular or colored pencil. It's all done now... no, wait! There! Now it's done [drawing signed]!

alix's draWING Process

First I sketch out how the pigs will look, what their poses are like, and a rough look at the background. When I'm happy with the positions of the pigs in my drawing, I'll draw in the faces of the pigs so they look more animated and so they fit in with the type of pose the pig is making. I also run over the bodies so that I know everything fits in okay. When I'm happy with the whole look of the drawing, I'll go over it with a black fine-liner pen. Next I erase the pencil marks out and then all that needs to be done is to color the drawing in with any sort of colored pencils (I use Derwent "Artist" pencils).

How to draw a guinea pig