Her fans would send gifts or letters or create artwork and poems for her. Some of the items are seen in the photos below. The fan club section on her website was 14 pages long; her website was 40 pages.  A blog was created using her "voice" followed by a new blog with a fresh look.

Even though Jasmine was making headway with her health, there were setbacks and it was a bit overwhelming at times. To lighten things up a bit I made some comics. 

jasmine 2

Over time Jasmine was housed in a variety of cages. Her first one was a Marchioro cage that provided a safe environment for the newborn babies. The cages with the washing machine tray worked well for her since they were wider and she did not kick out the bedding when she moved. A favorite of mine was the acrylic-based cage. If needed, her water bottle was one that would move/swing side-to-side when she drank from it since with her head tilt she had trouble with the nozzle of the bottle. As time went on she was in need of a bath and she did fine even though she had the head tilt.

 Guinea Pig Fun