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Chibi is a Chihuahua-mix adopted from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, CA. He was a stray found shivering in front of a store and brought to SF ACC. He then went to the SF SPCA but was sent back to the SF ACC when it was determined that he was an older dog. Muttville was contacted and he was saved and put up for adoption after he had 17 of his teeth removed. He had a flea allergy and needed to have his skin treated for a while. He still has a luxated patella rear leg and is doing fine. His favorite pastime is sleeping under his favorite blankets. He is a very sweet and well-loved dog.



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Current updates about life at GPF ...

Chibi: resident dog

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Ever wonder what life is like at Guinea Pig Fun ... who the critters are and what is going on in their lives? Wonder no more ... just click on the links to Jasmine's former blogs to find past information and nonsense about the guinea pigs and two cats, Molly and Willie, who live here. For current information, please visit us on Facebook. To see what cages and pens have been used at GPF, click the links below the cage photo on the right.