Guinea Pig Fun


Click Photo to view Tumor: GRAPHIC!

Click Photo to view Tumor: GRAPHIC!


If you see or feel any lumps be sure to have them checked out by your vet. The guinea pig on the far right was pulled from a shelter because they thought she had a possible hernia. It turned out that she had a mammary gland tumor that was malignant. Six months later her cancer returned. The guinea pig on the immediate right had a tumor that doubled in size. Her tumor was not sent out for testing.


urinary tract infection

The photos on the right show some signs that you might find if your guinea pig has a UTI/urinary tract infection. Other signs might include a hunched up guinea pig who is straining to urinate. Some will make a noise when trying to urinate. It is important to see a vet to determine if the problem is a UTI or stone or possibly cystitis and to start treatment right away. A white towel or fleece or other light bedding will help you see if there is any reddish urine and/or if there are any clots.

upper respiratory infection

A respiratory illness may present with discharge and/or crusting from the eyes and/or nose. There may be sneezing or coughing and labored breathing. Noise or wheezing may be present in the chest area. It is imperative that the guinea pigs be seen by a vet ASAP since they can go downhill rather quickly. Max had trouble breathing and whenever he went to the vet he was given oxygen. He was treated for pneumonia but unfortunately the medication was stopped by one doctor and by the time the correct diagnosis and medication were given it was too late. [He was seen at four vet clinics and about seven vets.] Rosie shown on the right had been abandoned in a field when she was very young. She was treated aggressively for her pneumonia but due to the fact that she was literally starving to death when found her immune system was compromised and she did not have a chance to recover.

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