Guinea Pig Fun

Colleen's Painting of Jasmine

Merry's Painting of Jasmine

George Smith's Halloween Sculpture click image to view website

Kathy's Painting of George's Sculpture

Kathy's Painting of Jasmine

Kathy's Painting of Jasmine

Melody's Dodo Sleeping with his Teddy

Melody's Dodo eating Hay and Carrots

Jackie's Jasmine


Several live-action paintings were made at but unfortunately the website lost the files at one point so they are no longer viewable. Kathy painted Jackie's Jasmine and also one of George Smith's sculpture. Melody had fun creating her own special paintings of her stuffed-toy guinea pig, Dodo. Thanks, Melody for sharing your paintings with everyone! Kathy's Jasmine paintings were painted by Colleen, Merry, and Kathy.