Guinea Pig Fun

8-4-2007: "Sweet Lil Pearlie passed away today. She had been battling infections for 3 months and never really overcame it. The infection had spread to her eyes and ears where her ears would bleed from a neurological damage from the infection."

"I thought Pearl would outlive many lethals that were around but she didn't. She is now with Patches, Hairyette, CozyAnna, Holly, and Miss Piggy. She can see and hear now, no more infections."

Megan made a flashing gif image for Pearl's former website and Colleen, who loves to paint pictures of guinea pigs, painted one of Pearl. Jackie loved to make globes for everyone and she made sure to make one for Pearl.

"Since Pearl only had one upper front tooth plus her molars, she needed to have her diet supplemented to ensure that she got the nutrients that she needed. She is being fed Oxbow's Critical Care several times a day. She loved shredded carrots and romaine. She wanted to chew, so shredding them helped her and she popcorned for them. I made the recipe from Dori's website but I used pear instead of apple baby food. She ate 3 full cc's and she liked it."

pearl 2

"Pearl loved coming out into the computer room where I had her play pen set up. Pearl was a happy little pig. When she was in her play pen she popcorned like a maniac. She did not rest until she went back in her cage." EDIT by GPF: Too fast for the camera to stop the action! (See photo on right.)