Guinea Pig Fun

Some tips to take piggie pictures:

* Always try and aim for being at the same eye level; it makes the piggies more comfy too.

* Try and aim to center the piggie and not cut off feet, "shave" bums or heads unless you want a close-up.

* Give them a treat to nibble on. Don't feed the whole lot at once; you can get better photos if you hide some food to have them go and find it. It's a lot of fun for them too. The piggies will love it and they will come over to talk to you and cuddle you.

* Enjoy the occasion by rewarding them with a nice rub!

In case you do a picture-setting shoot:

* Get the setting ready first: add a light if needed, a towel (in case piggie pee and poop is eminent), and some veggies.

* Set up a comfy seat for you to put yourself in the best camera position. If possible, use a piggie-guard helper (because your hands are clung to the camera and they can jump or run or hurt themselves).

* Put them into an enclosed area, so running away is more difficult.

* Put something of interest for them nearby, something that they do not see often: their natural curiosity will slow them down and they will take cute poses: sniffing, nibbling, chewing, munching, bumping.

All of this preparation will provide the piggies with a comfy, relaxed, and safe setting. And the piggies will have a ball sniffing, hiding, munching, and exploring too! You will have the most amazing photos you can dream of!

Photo-Taking Tips by Karine Jans 

Ever wonder how Karine takes her fantastic photos? Wonder no more for she graciously shares her photo-taking tips below. Check out her tips and remember her golden rule: the piggies have to enjoy it!  We think you will enjoy the process and end up with some amazing photos. Thanks, Karine, for sharing your tips with others!