Guinea Pig Fun

the growing song

We are very hungry,
We're feeling very low.
Give us lots of salad and watch us grow, grow, GROW!

Poem and photo by Anita C

Guinea pig: Haiku poem

Guinea Pig 
Size of adult's shoe 
Very Friendly
Likes to coo and purr

​By Mandolyn; Photo: Kathy A

oreo my guinea pig

You were black and white and very sweet. You got excited when I gave you treats.

Open the bag and hear you squeak wondering what is coming to eat.

Weeks have passed and I miss you so wondering why you had to go.

Ache in my heart, tears in my eyes wondering why I couldn't save your life.

Time will pass and things will change and you will stay in my heart and always remain.

By Alyssa; Photo by Kathy A

popcorn pig

Popcorn pig, popcorn pig, 
Jumping so high in the sky ​
​Little pig's feet leave the ground Springing up so high

Piggies dancing round and around
Fluffy piggies fly
See their bodies twist and turn
Little Piggies, My oh my!

Running in the summer sun
Skipping in the hay
Lying in the soft warm grass
Piggies out at play

Eating, licking pooping, peeing
Sniffing sniffing round
Hear those piggies' little voices 
Making happy wheeking sounds

Popcorn pig, popcorn pig
You are a happy chap
All in the day of a little pig
And that my friends, is that!

By GuinGuin; Photo by LilyGrace


Gizmo the piggy is ever so sweet,

All he does is eat, eat, eat!
He loves to run around and play,
And make little nests in his hay.
He is tame and sits on my lap,
And he looks so cute when he takes a nap.
I knew I would love him as soon as we met,
And now you all know about my little pet!

By Guinea Girl; Photo by Janet H


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