Guinea Pig Fun


Updated 4/18/2018

Guinea Pig Fun has taken in rescues, many of whom have special needs. An ongoing problem is that some of these rescued guinea pigs have suffered from abuse, cruelty, or neglect in the hands of their caretakers. Sometimes this abuse is intentional, but most often it is due to lack of knowledge as to the proper care and needs of a guinea pig. The key to correcting this problem is education. However, not everyone is interested in being educated and in some cases the problem is intentional abuse. If you need immediate help with abuse regarding any animal, please contact your police department, local shelter, or animal control. Your contact may mean the difference between life and death of the animal in question. 

For more information on pet abuse, please visit these links: 

Helping Animals

Humane Society of the United States

Please click a photo to view the pages for each of the three rescued guinea pigs who are featured here.

Kathy/GPF's Jasmine  

Jo's Tiny Tim 

Megan's Pearl