Guinea Pig Fun

Nosey Toes Needle-Felted Sculptures

Lianne's Sculpture of a Texel

Morumoto's Plushie Sculpture

Jocelyn's Needle-Felted Sculpture

Jocelyn's Needle-Felted Sculpture

Merry's Sculpture of Spicy, Strawberry and Hoppy

Leslie's Salt Dough Sculpture

George Smith's Clay Polymer Sculpture click image to view website

Kifaru's Beaded Sculpture for Albiocavies


Below are some sculptures created by some very talented people. Morumoto uses faux fur to make her custom plushies. Both Nosey Toes and Morumoto sell their sculptures online and will make custom orders. Please click on George Smith's photo (pumpkin sculpture) to view his website and also on Nosey Toes and Morumoto's photos to view their online stores. Click on Leslie's photo to learn how to make your own salt and flour dough sculpture. Clicking Merry's photo will take you to a photo album that shows some of her sculptures.