Guinea Pig Fun

Some  symptoms  that you might notice: sneezing, drooling, bleeding not eating, can't walk properly or at all, dying, losing weight, hair loss, scratching, difficulty breathing, crying, diarrhea, swollen abdomen, no urine or fecal output, crusted eyes. All of these symptoms require the expertise of an exotics vet who regularly treats guinea pigs. Don't have a vet and need help finding a qualified one? The links below will take you to resources that will help you choose and find a vet in your area, preferably before you actually need one. Make sure that you find out the hours and schedules for the vets and the location of the nearest pet emergency clinic.        Guinea Lynx          Cavy Spirit 

Why go to a vet rather than post directly to a forum? Your pet's life may depend on it ... or in other words, your pet may die because you chose to post on a forum rather than go to a vet. Many times members of a forum do not know you or your guinea pig personally (in person) and even if they do, they most likely are not qualified guinea-pig-knowledgeable vets. Therefore each caretaker needs to go to a vet to have the vet determine what is wrong, if anything, with your pet. After the vet determines what is wrong with your guinea pig, then you can come on a forum or social networking site such as Facebook and ask for input based on their own personal experiences. The links below will provide you with additional information once your vet has diagnosed the medical problem and treatment has been started.

Should I take my guinea pig to a vet? - Updated 4/18/2019

Many times people will notice something is a wrong with their guinea pig and they are not quite sure whether or not they should see a vet. Basically, if you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether or not your guinea pig needs to be seen by a vet, then the answer is "Yes, you do need to see a vet", sometimes ASAP if the situation is an emergency. Also, if there is any concern as to whether your guinea pig has ingested a toxin, call or go to your vet or pet ER immediately.