karine jans' books

Over the years Karine has made numerous creative contributions to the Guinea Pig Fun website and Facebook page. Her weekly comics, photos, and videos about her wonderful guinea pigs are an inspiration and example for guinea pig lovers everywhere. She has also produced numerous books which are available through Amazon. Please check them out.

This is a user-friendly and fun guinea pig care guide. I strongly suggest checking this book out. It is fantastic! Please click on the image above to access the website to learn more about the book and how to obtain it.

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This page features items that Guinea Pig Fun feels might be of interest to others. Lesley DeSantis' The Guinea Pig Guide , is a cute, fun, and easy to understand how-to guide about the care of pet guinea pigs. Also featured is Karine Jans, who has written a variety of books that feature her love of guinea pigs and that inspire others to care for them properly. Please click on any image below to learn more. Enjoy!

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