Guinea Pig Fun

Zebu, Heidi, Lilly, Rosie, and the nameless guinea pig went downstairs into the bar. On the stage were Orsen, Picasso, Minerva, and Pawpaw, a world famous troupe of dancing guinea pigs; the Pig Stars as they like do call themselves. The music began to play and the pig stars began to twirl, whirl and spin to the music.

"Hooray!", yelled all the watching pigs when the final twirl had been twirled, the final whirl had been whirled, and the pigs had tired themselves out. After the show, Zebu went back to his den and switched on the light. He looked at the table where the carrot had been and gasped. The carrot had gone! Zebu called in his gang.

​"Right guys", he said. "We have a problem on our hands. We have to get that carrot back."The gangsters scratched their heads."Ummm. How do we do that Boss?", Heidi asked."Well", said Zebu. "We have to hire some detectives. You ring them up, Sydney." Sydney, Zebu's secretary, rang the detectives and in an hour, they were there. "Hi!", they said. "We're the guinea pig detectives, Buzz, Honey and Audrey! We'll find your carrot!"

​The three detectives went around the city looking for clues. They went to a local guinea pig barbershop."Hi", they said to the barbers."Hi!", one of them replied. "I'm Molly and this is my friend, Veggie. Would you like a shave?""Ummm, not right now.", said Audrey. "We wanted to ask you some questions. Have you seen any large carrots around these parts?"The barbers looked at each other."Well, we had some shifty looking characters come in and have a coat and fur trim.""Most of your customers are shifty.", said Buzz. "Yes, but these two had a bag shaped like a carrot.", Molly said.

​The three detectives went in search of these villains but because the area was so big, they needed help. They called up their junior detective, Daisy. Together they trekked all over, looking for these shifty characters.Their search took them to England. They went through all of the back gardens ... almost getting eaten alive by pesky dogs and cats ... begging food off the neighborhood rabbits and found themselves in a big guinea-pig shed. In the shed were 14 guinea pigs that belonged to a spy organization called the Wonderful Wheekers. They knew the shifty guinea pigs and led Honey, Audrey, Buzz, and Daisy, as well as some random other pets that the detectives had picked up along the way.

​All the Wonderful Wheekers (apart from Orlando, who considered himself too important, being a show guinea pig) went up the road to the home of the shifty guinea pigs. "Alright, you two, hand it over!", yelled Honey, trying to sound menacing. The shifty guinea pigs, whose names were Bubbles, Blossom, and Melon, said that they couldn't hand it over because they had eaten it but the Aussie guinea pigs were welcome to one of the other carrots that they had. "Why did you go to Australia and steal that one then?", asked Daisy."Well", said Blossom, "our human slave was just going down to the shops to get more carrots, but we couldn't wait that long!"

​All of the guinea pigs sat down to a huge feast of carrots and dandelion leaves. Bubbles sent a new carrot over to Australia that was even bigger than the first one and invited all of the guinea pigs down to England for a holiday.So everyone was happy, especially the nameless piggy, who was now not nameless but was now called Fudge! 

Short story by Emma; Photo by Jackie

Shorts Stories 2

Emma's cute short story about a transcontinental carrot heist. Thanks, Emma! 

gangster guinea pigs

Zebu, the boss of the Aussie pigs undercover gang, sat in his den grinning at the huge carrot in front of him.

"Isn't it a beauty!", he said.

"It sure is!", said Rosie and Lilly, who were hanging around Zebu. The nameless guinea pig was there as well but all she could say was "Squeak!".  Rosie, Lilly, and the nameless guinea pig were Zebu's assistants and were employed to flatter him and make him look good.

Just then Heidi, Zebu's hard working assistant, rushed in."Quick Boss!", she said. "The show is about to start!"