So Ginger and Spice went off to find Freyja, leaving Luna to watch the tree with Orlando in case it did something. Ginger and Spice took a long time. Orlando and Luna sat and watched the tree, the air growing colder as evening approached. The birds flitted about above them and the long grass swayed gently in the breeze. "Where could they have got to?" asked Orlando. "I don't know. I'll go and have a look for them." replied Luna. But just as she headed away to find her friends, they hurried up with Freyja. "Where have you been?" asked Orlando crossly. "We've been waiting for ages!" "Sorry!" said Spice. "We're here now!" she added. "Do you know what it is then Freyja?" asked Luna. "No, but I bet I know who does!" said Freyja. She ran off, returning shortly with Silky, the wise-old pig. "I know what that is!" she said. "That's a bonsai tree!" "A bonsai tree?" said Orlando. "Yes. It's a type of very-small tree which some humans keep. I don't know why. I think it's because they like to look at them." explained Silky. "Oh, I see!" said Luna. "So why is the bonnzie tree out here?" "I expect the slave wanted to give it some air or something." replied Silky. Just at that moment, the slave came out of the house again. She picked up the bonsai tree and took it back inside. "Oh, it's gone." said Orlando sadly. "How observant of you!" said Silky and settled down to eat some grass.

Story by Izzy; Photo by

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Izzy had fun with her short story about Orlando and the Bonsai Tree. Find out what "looks like a tree, but it's too small". Thanks again, Izzy for another fun story.

orlando and the bonsai tree

One day, Orlando was playing outside in the run eating grass and talking to Ella the dog through the bars, when the pig slave came out of the Big House carrying a shallow blue pot which seemed to have a small tree in it! It looked exactly like the ordinary trees - except small! The slave put the tree down near Orlando's run and went back inside. Orlando and Ella both looked at the tree, wondering what it could be and why a tree would want to stay so small when it could be big like the other trees. A few hours later, the female guinea pigs were put out in another run, next to Orlando. Luna saw the small tree and went over to have a look. "What is it?" She asked Orlando. "I don't know." He replied. "It looks like a tree, but it's too small!" "I'll go and ask Ginger and Spice." said Luna and off she went. She returned a few minutes later, Ginger and Spice at her heels. "Well I don't know what it is!" said Spice. "What about you, Ginger?" "No, I don't know either" replied Ginger. "Let's ask Freyja"

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