Guinea Pig Fun

​Hiding behind the couch, she listened intensely for any stirring around the house, and eventually took off in the direction of the door. It was slightly ajar, leaving the tiniest gap for her to wedge it open with her body. She was only small, Charlie, with beautiful brown eyes that reminded her mother of chestnuts. Her curly brown hair was untamed with streaks of ginger here and there.

​As she opened the door, hurriedly she made her way to the other side of the hallway, next to the skirting boards so she had less chance of being spotted. She could not hear her room mates stirring. Her mastermind plan was working so far.

​Along the hall were three doors. She knew which one she had to go to instantly, but the challenge lay in being able to pass the two on the way without being seen. Her Mother would surely remove her at once and her plan will have failed. Carefully, quietly, secretly she made her way to the first door. She peered inside and saw that Father was sleeping. She raced past the door to the other side and kept her place next to the skirting boards. Her heart raced as she passed the door on the opposite side of the hallway. Mother wasn’t in her study room which made for a quick break to the next and final door. At the anticipation of her plan coming to an excellent finish, Charlie scrambled into the room at the core of her initiation. 

​Upon entering the room, what met Charlie’s eyes was a delight indeed. Her heart exploded with the utter possibilities that lay before her, and as her eyes filled with the shear joy at finding what she had hoped beyond all hope would be waiting for her she let out a shrill squeal that echoed throughout the entire room.

​Charlie trotted around to the other side of the fridge door which stood open, only to find that her plan had gone disastrously wrong. As her eyes met that of her mother, horror struck her entire body, dampening the happiness she had so eagerly anticipated.

“Charlie you cheeky Guinea Pig! What on earth are you doing out of your cage!? Come on then darling, lets pop you back...” 

Story and Drawing by Alix

Shorts Stories

Alix loves her guinea pigs and loves poetry ... the perfect combination for a loving tribute to her pets! Like stories? She's got just the one for you ... about Treen's Charlie. Enjoy!

charlie, the Mastermind!

Late on a sunny afternoon in the UK apartment, Charlie woke with a start to a noise that she knew all too well. It surprised her to hear such a noise so late in the afternoon, as she has not imagined it occurring until at least the next morning. She was excited, and her heart leaped and bounded with anticipation.

​Charlie stirred from her sleeping position, and, as she trotted to the edge of the room to further enhance her hearing of the wonderful noise, she passed her dear room mates still fast asleep. She had an idea, though it would take great expertise to pull it off, something she knew she had to accomplish with her friends still sound in their sweet dreams.